Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReScaping?

Rescaping is re-using or recycling the materials that your property provides. For example: If you want to create a little cactus garden but don’t know where to buy cacti, maybe there are some growing around your house. We can use those to create your garden. That will save you time walking around nurseries and the cost of buying those plants. Perhaps you want to update your bathroom, but don’t have a large materials budget, ReScapes can help you find ways to re-vamp or re-purpose what’s already there to give it a fresh new look!

Who are ReScapes for?

Everyone! Whether you already have established gardens but just don’t have the time to maintain them, we offer monthly gardening maintenance plans to fit your budget and keep your garden looking its best! Or if you are tired of looking at your outdated kitchen decor and want it to update, we can help you come up with a plan!

Why ReScapes?

Because we strive to use what the area has to offer and we know that landscaping and remodeling can be expensive; we strive to help save you money wherever we can. If we can re-use the materials you have, that saves you the cost of bringing in new material!

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